The Recruiting Power of Christianity

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Curatori: Sible de Blaauw - Eric M. Moormann - Daniëlle Slootjes
Anno edizione: 2021
Collana: Papers of the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome, 68
Isbn: 978-88-5491-131-4
Materie: Storia dell'arte
Formato: 21x28
Pagine: 238


This collection of essays addresses the question of the recruiting power of Christianity within the Roman Empire, seen through the lens of the material and visual culture of the city of Rome. Its making was inspired by the exhibition Rome: The Dream of the Emperor Constantine in the De Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam (2015-2016). The subject ot the exhibition was the breakthrough of Christianity as the dominant religion in the heterogeneous, dynamic and multifaceted city of Rome in Late Antiquity. It raised a number of questions related to the underlying issue regarding the appeal of the Christian religion in Rome society. This volume offers an in depth discussion of these questions by various experts. The subjects covered are:

- The role of the city of Rome as a stage of the process

- multi-religious dynamics

- the aesthetics of Roman non-Christian and Christian art

- the representation of the divine

- the durability of the attractive concepts of Early  Christianity throughout history

- the invention of Late Antiquity and the appreciation of Early Christian art in a museological and scholarly context


1. Sible de BlaauwEarly Christian Art Exhibited and Re-considered: By way of an Introduction

2. John CurranThe Transformation of the Christian Community in Rome 

3. Eric M. MoormannSymbolic Meaning of the Romany Funerary Art in Late Antiquity 

4. Paolo LiveraniChristian Concepts and Roman Grammar in Late Antique Art 

5. Feyo L. SchuddeboomViolence and Recruitment: The End of Mithraea in Late Antique Rome 

6. Maria LidovaFrom Shepherd to God: Images of Christ in the Fourth Century 89

7. Paul van Geest‘We shepherd you, we are shepherded with you’: Augustine on the Motives of a Good Shepherd 

8. Marianne SághyHeavenly Patrons: Epigraphy and the Material Culture of Martyr Commemoration in Damasan Rome

9. Daniëlle SlootjesChristian Martyrdom in Historical Perspective: On the Origins of the Story of Saint Catherine of Alexandria

10. Ingo Herklotz, Philip Neri in the Catacombs: Myth and Iconography 

11. Arnold Nesselrath, Alessandro VellaFrans Floris: Wrestling with Beasts in the Colosseum 

12. Diederik BurgersdijkConstantine the Great in Seventeenth-Century Art of the Netherlands: Iconography, Tradition and Ancient Sources 

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