The Inscriptions of Kayseri and Kayseri Museum (Caesarea-Mazaca)

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Autore: David H. French †
A cura di: Margherita G. Cassia and Stephen Mitchell †
Anno edizione: 2024
Monografie di Communitas, 2
Isbn: 978-88-5491-508-4; e-Isbn: 978-88-5491-500-8
Materie: Filologia; Storia; Archeologia
Formato: 19x25
Pagine: 184
Lingua: Inglese

This book collects the Greek and Latin inscriptions of Kayseri – ancient Caesarea-Mazaca in Cappadocia – and Kayseri Museum, but also the epigraphic texts mentioning the city and its inhabitants attested abroad. It is one of the last works of David French, who entrusted it on 24 January 2017 to Stephen Mitchell. French died on 19 March 2017. On 15 January 2018, during a visit to Catania (Italy), Mitchell suggested to Margherita G. Cassia that they should collaborate in publishing the manuscript after revision and the addition of supplementary new information and bibliography. This scholarly project was abruptly interrupted six years later when Mitchell passed away on 30 January 2024.
Mitchell and Cassia have expanded and updated Abbreviations and Bibliography, enriched the commentary of the inscriptions, inserted in the Catalogue (chapter 2: Catalogue of the Inscriptions of Kayseri and Kayseri Museum) fourteen additional texts, written the historical introduction (chapter 1: Historical Introduction), added the section on Caesareans outside Caesarea (chapter 3: Caesareans outside Caesarea), and revised Concordances, Indices, and Illustrations.


Foreword by M. G. Cassia

Prefatory Note by S. Mitchell and M. G. Cassia

A Dedication to Richard P. Harper by D. H. French

A Tribute to Richard P. Harper by E. French and S. Mitchell

1. Historical Introduction by S. Mitchell and M. G. Cassia

2. Catalogue of the Inscriptions of Kayseri and Kayseri Museum (Caesarea-Mazaca) by D. H. French, S. Mitchell and M. G. Cassia
     Preliminary Notes
     Epigraphic Conventions
     Synopsis of Inscriptions
     Texts nos. 1-90
          Imperial Text
          Building Inscription
          Votive and Cult
          Soldiers & Officials
          Funerary Verse
          Miscellaneous Texts
          Inscriptions copied by Richard Harper, known from squeezes in the BIAA
          Additional Miscellaneous Texts

3. Caesareans outside Caesarea by M. G. Cassia
     Greek Inscriptions
     Latin Inscriptions
Abbreviations and Bibliography by M. G. Cassia

Concordances by S. Mitchell
     Epigraphic Collections
     Annual Bulletins
     Richard Perceval Harper Squeezes

Indices by M. G. Cassia
     Personal Names
     Officials & Military
     Professions & Occupations

Illustrations: Figures by S. Mitchell
     Facsimiles of Published Texts
     Drawings from Squeezes

Illustrations: Photographs by S. Mitchell