Studi Micenei ed Egeo-Anatolici - Nuova Serie, 9, 2023

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A cura di: Anna Lucia D'Agata
Anno edizione:  2023
Rivista: SMEA - Studi Micenei ed Egeo-Anatolici, 9
Isbn: 978-88-5491-510-7
Issn: 1126-6651

Materie: Archeologia
Formato: 21x27
Pagine: 140
Lingua: Inglese



Editorial note

Luca Bombardieri, Yiannis Violaris, Demetrios A. Iosephides,
Dante Abate, Thilo Rehren, Massimo Perna
From Marking to Writing? A Picrolite Inscribed Plaque from Erimi in Cyprus

Anna Lucia D’Agata, Younes Naime, Renata Perego, Maria Perri
A Feast Event at Misis Höyük: Building Activity, Communal Consumption and Ritual Practice in 8th Century BC Plain Cilicia

Brent Davis, Anthony Bronzo
Deciphering Kober’s Contribution to the Decipherment of Linear B

Maurizio Del Freo, Julien Zurbach,
with a note by Kostas S. Christakis
‘Minoan’ or ‘Mycenaean’ Wine?
Observations on an LM IIIA Inscribed Pithos from Knossos

John Killen
A Pot-boiler at Pylos?

Vassilis Petrakis
‘Heads’ of Thrones: Once More on Mycenaean
se-re-mo-ka-ra-a-pi and se-re-mo-ka-ra-o-re