A roman villa by Lake Nemi. The finds. The Nordic Excavations by Lake Nemi, loc. S. Maria (1998-2002)

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A cura di: Mette Moltesen, Birte Poulsen
Anno edizione: 2010
Collana: Occasional Papers of the Nordic Institutes in Rome, 6
Isbn: 978-88-7140-435-6
e-Isbn: 978-88-7140-644-2
Materie: Archeologia
Formato: 21x29,7
Pagine: 656

Occasional Papers of the Nordic Institutes in Rome. Edited by Mette Moltesen & Birte Poulsen in collaboration with Kristine Boggild Johannsen.


E. Bach, Preface; M. Moltesen, B. Poulsen, Preface; P. Guldager Bilde, Nordic excavations of a roman villa by Lake Nemi, loc. S. Maria: an introduction; M. Moltesen, B. Poulsen, An introduction to the finds. POTTERY AND GLASS: N. Bruni, Ceramica d’impasto protostorica; R. Berg, Black Gloss; L. Mejer, Cooking Ware; B. Poulsen, Pompeian Red Ware; L. Mejer, Thin-Walled Ware; R. Berg, Terra Sigillata; B. Poulsen, Lead-Glazed Ware; K. Bøggild Johannsen, Plain Ware; K. Bülow Clausen, Transport Amphorae; C.C. Wenn, Dolia and other large vessels; B. Poulsen, African Red Slip Ware; M. Prusac, Lamps; B. Poulsen, Glass; B. Poulsen, Late-Antique Kitchen Ware; L.E. Vaag, Post-Antique Pottery; METAL AND COINS: M. Prusac, Metal objects; B. Poulsen, Coins, a Bronze Tessera and Medallions. SCULPTURE: M. Moltesen, Sculpture in marble and other stone. FINDS RELATED TO THE ARCHITECTURE: R. Berg, Brick stamps; K. Bøggild Johannsen, Architectural terracottas. MISCELLANEA: M. Moltesen, Miscellanea. LATE-ANTIQUE TOMBS: P. Guldager Bilde, Late-Antique burials in the villa area; E. Wahlberg Sandberg, The human skeletons. OTHER ORGANIC MATERIALS: E. M. Pinto-Guillaume, Invertebrate remains. APPENDIX; FIGURES; Plan A and B.