Origini XLIII - 2019

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Anno edizione: 2020
Collana: Origini, 43
Isbn: 978-88-5491-116-1; Issn: 0474-6805
Materie: Archeologia
Formato: 17x24
Pagine: 248

Rivista di Preistoria e Protostoria delle Civiltà Antiche
Review of prehistory and protohistory of ancient civilizations

Massimo Iamoni, Hassan Ahmed Qasim, Asingeran, a Neolithic and Chalcolithic “Iceberg” in Northern Mesopotamia
Maddalena Diaco, The Signs for Buildings in the Proto-Cuneiform
Beatrice Barbiero, Elena Rova, Remains from Butchery Activities from Late Bronze Age Contexts at the Aradetis Orgora Site (Georgia, Southern Caucasus)
Maria Grazia Melis, Prehistoric Metallurgy in the Western Mediterranean. New Archaeological and Archaeometric Data from Sardinia
Elisabetta Borgna, Giulio Simeoni, Giacomo Vinci, with a contribution by Cristiano Nicosia, Origin and Evolution of a Bronze Age Funerary Landscape in Friuli: The “Lower Context” of the Tumulus of Mereto di Tomba (Udine) and the 3rd-2nd Millennium Transition in the Northern Adriatic
Anna Depalmas, From Collective Tombs to Individual Burials: Changes and Transformations in Sardinian Society over the Second and First Millennia BC
Alessandro Guidi, Rome: Old and New Data on the Birth and Development of the Protourban Centre and its Territory - The State of the Art
Flavia Benedetti, Rachele Bussaglia, Francesca Fulminante, Alessandro Guidi, Laura Stamerra, Rome: Old and New Data on the Birth and Development of the Protourban Centre
Valentina Cannavò, Andrea Di Renzoni, Sara T. Levi, Daniele Brunelli, Protohistoric Italian Ceramics: Towards a General Fabrics Classification and Interpretation

Savino di Lernia, D. Huyge, F. Van Noten eds., What Ever Happened to the People? Humans and Anthropomorphs in the Rock Art of Northern Africa
Vanessa Forte, Amicone S., Quinn P.S., Marić M., Mirković-Marić N., Radivojević M. eds. Tracing Pottery-Making Recipes in the Prehistoric Balkans 6th-4th Millennia BC

2019 EAA Bern Statement: Archaeology and the Future of Democracy / La Dichiarazione di Berna 2019 dell’EAA: l’archeologia e il futuro della democrazia