Go to digital. Methods and technological systems from landscape to artifacts for archaeological surveys

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A cura di: Federica Vacatello
Anno edizione: 2023 
Collana: PAST - Percorsi Strumenti e Temi di Archeologia, 14
Isbn: 978-88-5491-419-3; Issn: 2611-8807
Materie: Archeologia
Formato: 17x24
Pagine: 120
Lingua: Inglese

This work is a miscellaneous edition of several contributions that focus on the latest digital developments within the same archaeological field in which they are currently employed. The work doesn’t aim to offer a summary of the progress that this field of research has made in recent years, but rather to highlight international studies that, although focused on different contexts (landscape, materials, structures, databases, etc.), represent the result of research carried out with the same intention. If up to now, in fact, we have been talking about the “digitalisation” of our research, now it seems more appropriate to talk about the “ digitalization” of the researcher, which implies a change of perspective in our way of observing data. This could be the germ for a new true digital revolution in our scientific sector in which scholars are at the same time creators, developers, and users of their own technological solutions, conceived as instruments of investigation to answer a precise archaeological question. All the contributions collected here represent concrete case studies in which the resolution of a specific research need was subtended by the development of an algorithm, software, tools, or method in which the archaeologist was an active part of the realisation process, not only in the experimental phase but also and above all in the creation one.


Next Generation Archaeologists: To a Digital Evolution 

P. Derudas
Excavations ON-AIR: How archaeological practice reshapes digital tools

C. Citter
GIS-based spatial analyses: a critical overview

S. Roccella, A. Vannini, F. Vacatello
“Intelligent” Drones: novel tools for Remote Sensing applications

F. Vacatello
A patent for archaeology. The UAVIMALS contribution for survey

M. Melis
Last frontier of Aerial Observation. Camera sensors as AI-driven precise Radiometric, Spectral and Colorimetric Imaging Systems

L. Weinblum, H. Ashkenazi
Harmonizing Technology and Knowledge at the Israel Antiquities Authority: An All-embracing Digital Processes for Archaeological Research, Data, and Material

D. Alexandrovsky
Game engines in archaeological research and education: using Unity Engine to create a 3D flint technology library

D.M. Campanaro
Illuminating the Digital Past: Analyzing Social Complexity in Ancient Spaces with Light Simulations

D. Dinnino
A digital approach to quantify the construction costs of roman circuses