Decorating Floors. The Tesserae-in-Mortar Technique in the Ancient World

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A cura di: Birgit Tang
Anno edizione: 2019
Collana: Analecta Romana instituti Danici. Supplementa, 51
Isbn: 978-88-7140-932-0
Materie: Archeologia
Formato: 21x29,7
Pagine: 480

The present work investigates ancient floors executed in mortar and decorated with cut cubes, i.e. tesserae, of stone, marble or other materials wich sre set into the surface to form geometric patterns and figured motifs or inscriptions.

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Foreword and Acknowledgements
Abbreviations and symbols used

Part I: The Orientalizing material
1. Funerary ritual
1.1 The tombs
1.2 Distribution of tombs
1.3 Outstanding entombments
1.4 Grave goods

2. Chronology
2.1 Chronology, relative
2.2 Chronology, absolute
2.3 Dating of tombs without Pontecagnano amphorae

3. Catalogue of the Orientalizing material
3.1. Introduction to the catalogue
3.2. The individual tombs and their contents

Part II: The Lucanian material (4th to 3rd centuries BC)
4. Tombs and grave goods
4.1 The tombs
4.2 The grave goods
5. Catalogue of the Lucanian material
5.1 Introduction to the catalogue
5.2. The individual tombs and their contents

Part III: Illustrations

Introduction and list of credit for the illustrations