Byzantine Baths in the Diocese of Illyricum

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Autore: Ioanna P. Arvanitidou
Anno edizione: 2022 
Collana: PAST - Percorsi Strumenti e Temi di Archeologia, 12
Isbn: 978-88-5491-252-6; Issn: 2611-8807
Materie: Archeologia; 
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"The aim of this research is the investigation of the bath complexes that have been excavated in the southern region of the peninsula of Haemus, known under the collective term of “The Balkans”, and more specifically in the roman Dioecesis Illyricum. The objective of this study is to investigate in which regions it was most common building of bath facilities, whether there were specific periods when higher numbers of baths were founded and whether it is possible to detect the lifetime of these facilities. In addition, we seek answers about the preferred architectural type, the orientation and the size of the buildings, as well as the kind of chambers that were in use after the prevalence of Christianity.

The motivation behind the selection of this subject is the absence of a comprehensive study in this scientific field. In Greece, although there are some remarkable individual studies, there is lack of a more synthetic approach. In the rest of the Balkans there is shortage of published material on excavated sites.
Although in recent years there have been relevant high-quality publications, the material from previous years remains mostly unstudied. Additionally, scholars focus almost exclusively on the big monuments of the Byzantine period, such as churches with renowned frescoes. It seems that civil architecture is not in
the immediate interest of the scholars." (From "Introduction")


Abbreviations and Bibliography

1. Introduction 
1.1. Terminological approaches
1.2. State of the art 
1.3. Methodology 
1.4. Structure and contribution of the research
2. Byzantine Baths in the Dioecesis Illyricum
2.1. Provincia Macedonia A 
2.2. Provincia Macedonia B 
2.3. Provincia Thessalia 
2.4. Provincia Hellas 
2.5. Provincia Creta 
2.6. Provincia Epirus Vetus
2.7. Provincia Epirus Nova
2.8. Provincia Dacia Mediterranea
2.9. Provincia Dacia Ripensis
2.10. Provincia Dardania 
2.11. Provincia Moesia A
2.12. Provincia Pannonia
2.13. Provincia Praevalitana

3. Bath Construction in the Dioecesis Illyricum 
3.1. Bath - Chambers 
3.1.1. Multipurpose Chamber 
3.1.2. Modified Tepidarium or a New Heated Chamber? 
3.1.3. Caldarium 

3.2. Heating Systems 

3.3. Water Supply System and Sewer System

4. The Byzantine Type 

5. Conclusions 


APPENDIX: Lemmas Catalogue 813.3. Water Supply System and Sewer System