Bronze Vessels from the Acropolis. Style and Decoration in Athenian Production Between the Sixth and Fifth Centuries B.C.

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Autore: Chiara Tarditi
Anno edizione: 2016
Collana: Thiasos Monografie, 7
Isbn: 978-88-7140-717-3; Issn 2281-8774
e-Isbn: 978-88-7140-718-0
Materie: Archeologia
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N. Kaltzas, Foreword Introduction 1. Bronze vessel fragments from the Acropolis: literary sources, history of studies, contexts 1.1. Epigraphic and literary sources 1.2. History of research and studies 1.3. Possible contexts of origin of the fragments: the excavations on the Acropolis 2. The materials 2.1. Selection criteria 2.2. Quantitative data 2.3 Processing techniques 3. Catalogue 3.1. Scheme of the classification 3.2. Catalogue 4. Formal and stylistic analysis 4.1. Introduction 4.2. Chronology 4.3. Analysis of the pieces from the Acropolis 5. Athenian production 5.1. Previous attributions 5.2. The material from the Acropolis and new attributions 5.3. Shapes, types, variants 5.4. Decoration 5.5. Distribution area 5.6. Chronology 6. Objects from the Acropolis attributed to other production areas 7. Conclusions Appendices 1. Index of inventory numbers 2. Pieces of Athenian production from the Acropolis 3. Pieces of Athenian production from Athens and Attica 4. Pieces of Athenian production from other areas. Bibliography Index