On renaissance academies. Proceedings of the international conference “From the Roman Academy to the Danish Academy in Rome Dall’Accademia Romana all’Accademia di Danimarca a Roma”

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A cura di: M. Pade
Anno edizione: 2011
Collana: Analecta Romana Instituti Danici. Supplementa, 42
Isbn: 978-88-7140-452-3
Materie: Storia
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Introduction. I. Rome as Academy. Karsten Friis-Jensen: Petrarch, the city of Rome and the Capitol; Per Øhrgaard: Goethe in Rome. II. Italian Renaissance Academies. James Hankins: Humanist Academies and the ‘Platonic Academy of Florence’; Concetta bianca: Le accademie a Roma nel Quattrocento; John Monfasani: Two Fifteenth-Century “Platonic Academies”: Bessarion’s and Ficino’s; Fabio Stok: Perotti e l’Accademia romana; Patricia Osmond: Lectiones Sallustianae. Pomponio Leto’s Annotations on Sallust: A Commentary for the Academy? Marianne Pade: Lectiones Sallustianae. The 1490 Sallust Annotations, the Presentation Copy; Julia Gaisser: The Mirror of Humanism: Self Reflection in the Roman Academy; Ingrid D. Rowland: Raphael and the Roman Academy. III. Danish Renaissance Academies. Marita Ackhøj Nielsen: Dignæ certè hæ nostræ Ripæ in notitiam veniant externorum. Renaissance culture in Ribe; Peter zeeberg: Tycho Brahe’s Uraniborg, Research Centre and Aristocratic Residence; Karen Skovgaard-Petersen: A Danish Equestrian Academy - the Academy of Sorø 1623-1665; Index nominum. Index librorum. List of Illustrations. List of Contributors.

Recensione in Sixteenth Century Journal, 45.1, 2014 (leggi la recensione)