Supplemento 3 - The Lady of Pottery. Ceramic Studies Presented to Penelope A. Mountjoy in Acknowledgement of Her Outstanding Scholarship

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A cura di: Anna Lucia D’Agata, Peter Pavúk
Anno edizione: 2023
Rivista: SMEA - Studi Micenei ed Egeo-Anatolici
Isbn: 978-88-5491-379-0
Materie: Archeologia
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Anna Lucia D’Agata, Peter Pavúk
Penelope A. Mountjoy. Building History through Pottery
Penelope A. Mountjoy. Publications

1. Yiouli Chatzina, Eleftheria Kardamaki, Maria Kostoula, Joseph Maran, Alkestis Papadimitriou
I See Friends Shaking Hands … An Early Evidence for a Long-Lasting Social Gesture on a Mycenaean Pictorial Krater from Tiryns

2. Birgitta Eder, Jasmin Huber
LH IIB Kakovatos and the Formation of the Mycenaean Pottery Repertoire

3. Birgitta P. Hallager
Minoans versus Mycenaeans

4. Konstantina Kaza Papageorgiou, Eleftheria Kardamaki
The Pictorial Jar and the Group of Tin Coated Vases from Tomb 15 at the Mycenaean Cemetery of Dendra

5. Robert B. Koehl
A Cult Statue Rendered on a Mycenaean Vase from Cyprus

6. Irene Nikolakopoulou
Regional Minoan Pottery? A View from Aegean Late Bronze I Transport Jars from Akrotiri, Thera

7. Peter Pavúk, Luca Girella, Magda Pieniążek, Filip Franković
The Upper Interface Twenty-five Years Later. The Northeast Aegean Islands and the West Anatolian Coast during the Late Bronze Age

8. Jeremy B. Rutter
Ephyraean: Shapes, Patterns, Distributions, and Places of Manufacture

9. Argiro Soubasi, Maria Kassimi-Soutou
A Jug with Cutaway Neck from the Mycenaean Cemetery of Kamini, Vari in Attica

10. Louise Steel
Mycenaean Pottery from the Cypriot Hinterland: Luxuries, Commodities or Oddities?

11. Salvatore Vitale, Katarzyna Dudlik
Some Unpublished Mycenaean Figurines from the Serraglio on Kos and Their Cultural Significance