níĝ-ba dub-sar maḫ Studies on Ebla and the Ancient Near East presented to Amalia Catagnoti

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A cura di: Elisabetta Cianfanelli and Fiammetta Gori 
Anno edizione: 2024
Collana: Documenta Asiana, 14
Isbn: 978-88-5491-497-1 
Issn: 1126-7321
Materie: Assiriologia, Archeologia
Formato: 21 x 29,7
Pagine: 512
Lingue: Ita - Eng - Fr - De

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Elisabetta Cianfanelli – Fiammetta Gori, Preface

List of publications by Amalia Catagnoti

Tabula Gratulatoria

Silvia Alaura, “… this book contains things women will like to know”. The adventures of Lady Isabel Arundell Burton in Syria (1869 – 1871)

Claus Ambos, Mesopotamische Abstreif- und Abspülriten: Zur Unterscheidung von šaḫātu (“abspülen”) und šaḫāṭu(“abstreifen”)

Stefano Anastasio, The Italian archaeological expeditions to the Near East in the first half of the 20th century and their photographic legacy

Alfonso Archi, Martu and Ibʿal according to the Ebla Documents (ca. 2385-2330 B.C.)

Beatrice Baragli, When “reason” is gone. Reflections on the usage of Akkadian ṭēmu

Francesco G. Barsacchi, Wilderness and Liminal Spaces in Hittite Religious Thought

Maria Giovanna Biga, Unfree people in Ebla. Annotations on the text ARET XIV 75

Marco Bonechi, The join of ARET III 347 with ARET V 6+ and the missing text of the incipit of the Ebla manuscript of the Hymn to Shamash of Sippar

Noemi Borrelli, The temple gates. Some considerations on the dynastic cult under Šu-Suen

Armando Bramanti – Ernesto Caveda, The Prat Puig Tablet. A Neosumerian Administrative Account in Santiago de Cuba

Dominique Charpin, Le roi, le devin et les soldats rebelles d’après une lettre des archives royales de Mari

Elisabetta Cianfanelli, How I met ... my husband? Bonds between the royal family and the family of I-bi2-zi-kir: The case of Ti-iš-te-da-mu’s wedding

Paola Corò, New Evidence for the Fishermen in Hellenistic Uruk: Collations to Iraq 59 No. 37

Marta D’Andrea, From Ebla to Aleppo (and Beyond). Some Thoughts on Ceramic Regionalism and Connectivity in Northwestern Inland Syria during the Later Early Bronze Age

Jean-Marie Durand, Relectures mariotes

Jesper Eidem, The Other” Gilgamesh

Stefania Ermidoro, “La magnifique brique de Babylone”: Austen Henry Layard’s gift to the Musée industriel de Lausanne

Candida Felli, Of the seal of a sanga: considerations over landscape elements in Akkadian glyptic

Pelio Fronzaroli, La fuga delle gazzelle nell’incantesimo eblaita ARET V 5

Fiammetta Gori, Following the tracks of the ti-gi-na jewels in the Ebla texts: geographical provenance and socio-economic context

Michaël Guichard, Nagar et sa déesse : nouveau fragment de Mari

Leonid Kogan, Some New Grammatical and Lexical Facts from Ebla

Denis Lacambre, La garde royale et les gardes du corps du roi Zimrī-Lîm de Mari : recrutement et organisation

Brigitte Lion, Quelques notes sur des fruits et arbres fruitiers à Nuzi

Massimo Maiocchi, Navigating the Semantics of Early Bronze Age Texts: From the Conceptual Dimension to the Implementation of New Research Tools

Gianni Marchesi, In the Shadow of the Great Kings: Karkamis in the Middle Bronze Age

Paolo Matthiae, Una nota sulla “Casa della lana” del Palazzo reale di Ebla

Giovanni Mazzini, A Lexical Note on the London Amorite-Akkadian Tablet

Davide Nadali, The Terracotta Army? Notes on Some Clay Figurines from Ebla

Jacopo Pasquali, Nullus locus sine Genio : une hypothèse sur les an-dùl sa-du de l’en et de la ma-lik-tum dans les textes rituels éblaïtes et les תרפים bibliques

Luca Peyronel, Notes on Mesopotamian metrology I. A new balance weight from Aliawa in the Erbil Plain and the weight systems of the Tigridian region during the 3rd millennium BC

Frances Pinnock, Inside and outside: About the use of spaces in domestic quarters in Old Syrian Ebla

Andrea Polcaro, What is hidden behind the snakes? An attempt to reconstruct the typology of the “Serpent’s cult” and its meaning for the Proto-Canaanite religion of the Southern Levant during the final century of the 4th millennium BC

Francesco Pomponio, Irisaĝrig and a New Participant to the Sharing of the Ur III State

Simonetta Ponchia, Princes and scholars: Alexander, Aristotle, and the legacy of an old paradigm

Marina Pucci, Make noise at home: Iron Age rattles from Chatal Höyük in the Levantine context

Licia Romano, Mesopotamia in Liebig trade cards

Annunziata Rositani, King Rīm-Anum of Uruk: A Reconstruction of an Old Babylonian Rebel Kingdom

Marco Rossi, Broken Figurines / Bewitched Figurines

Erica Scarpa, Family Matters. For an Interoperable Approach to the Study of Eblaite Society

Sebastiano Soldi, A Spectacle Idol in the National Archaeological Museum of Florence

Walter Sommerfeld, Zur altakkadischen Orthographie von baʕlum/bēlum “Herr; Besitzer (von)”

Giulia Torri, About the list of body parts in the ritual for Labarna CTH 412.3

Luigi Turri, Beirut in the Late Bronze Age. Preliminary survey of the available sources

Agnese Vacca, Travelling Objects: Euphrates Banded Ware Pots in Early Bronze Age Hama, Syria

Lorenzo Verderame, On the oldest references to Šauška, the Ištar of Nineveh

Nele Ziegler, Piradi invia un biglietto da visita

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