City of Encounters. Public Spaces and Social Interaction in Ancient Rome

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A cura di: Maria Letizia Caldelli, Cecilia Ricci
Anno edizione: 2020
Collana: RomeScapes
Isbn: 978-88-5491-057-7
Materie: Archeologia, Storia antica, Topografia antica, Epigrafia
Formato: 17x24
Pagine: 280


Marta García Morcillo, Cecilia Ricci, James H. Richardson, Federico Santangelo, RomeScapes. Social and Cultural Topographies of the City of Rome:
A New Book Series

Maria Letizia Caldelli and Cecilia Ricci, City of Encounters: Public Spaces and Social Interaction in Ancient Rome

Andrea Angius, Places of Political Interaction and Representation in the City of Rome

Margaret Andrews and Seth Bernard, Spaces of Economic Exchange

Christer Bruun, Places of Personal Care and Physical Exercise

Jonathan Edmondson, The Spatial, Social and Political Landscape of Public Spectacle from Augustus to Severus Alexander

Nicolas Tran, The Meeting Places of Associations in the City of Rome

Françoise Van Haeperen, Roman Places of Collective Worship as Meeting Places

Notes on the contributors