Reflections: Harbour City Deathscapes in Roman Italy and Beyond

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A cura di: Niels Bargfeldt, Jane Hjarl Petersen
Anno edizione: 2020 
Collana: Analecta Romana Instituti Danici. Supplementum, 53

Isbn: 978-88-5491-014-0
Materie: Storia antica
Formato: 21x29,7
Pagine: 236

This supplementary volume of Analecta Romana Instituti Danici is the outcome of the conference Reflections: Harbour City Deathscapes in Roman Italy held at the Danish Academy in Rome on 14–16 September 2016. The conference and this volume were generously funded by the Carlsberg Foundation and originate from two research projects: Death and Identity in Ostia: A Study of Funerary Material and Cultural Diversity in the Port City of Rome and The Family Back Home: The Unseen Social Network of Roman Harbour Cities. These projects were also funded by the Carlsberg Foundation and based at the Danish Academy in Rome. We are very grateful for the research opportunities provided by the foundation, and we also wish to extent our gratitude to the Director of the Danish Academy, Marianne Pade, and the Academy’s staff.

We would like to thank the scholars who participated in the conference and contributed to fruitful discussions of the conference theme during both the sessions themselves and the excursion. Furthermore, we are grateful to the contributors to this publication and to the anonymous peer reviewers, who generously devoted their time to strengthening the individual contributions as well as the overall volume. We would also like to thank Maria Adelaide Zocchi from the Danish Academy in Rome for her kind help and coordination during the publication process and Gina Coulthard for linguistic revision of the manuscripts written by non-native English speakers. It should be noted that this volume brings together contributions from scholars based worldwide, and, as a consequence, chapters are presented in both American and UK English. Finally, we thank the publishing house Edizioni Quasar.




Dorian Borbonus,  Organized Collective Burial in the Port Cities of Roman Italy
Emanuela BorgiaForeigners from the Eastern Mediterranean at Ostia, Portus, and Puteoli in the Imperial Period: A Reconsideration of the Matter through an Analysis of Funerary Inscriptions
David NoyElecta mihi domus est Ostia felix: The Burial and Commemoration of Migrants at Ostia and Portus
Steven L. TuckHarbors of Refuge: Post-Vesuvian Population Shifts in Italian Harbor Communities
Valerie M. HopeLife at Sea, Death on Land: The Funerary Commemoration of the Sailors of Roman Misenum
Niels BargfeldtUnnoticed Diversity in Misenum: Revealing a Multifaceted Society in a Roman Harbour City
Lauren Hackworth PetersenPeople and Gods in the Necropoleis of Pompeii: Isis in the Last Decade
Jane Hjarl Petersen, Protecting Me Every Step of the Way: Dionysian Symbolism in the Burial Culture of Roman Ostia
Marcello SpanuWorking and Dying in the Harbour Cities of Roman Asia Minor: An Appraisal of the Funerary Inscriptions
Jesper CarlsenEpitaphs and the Demography of the Imperial Slaves and Freedmen in Roman Carthage
John Pearce & Rebecca RedfernPort Societies on Rome’s Atlantic Façade: A Funerary Perspective


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