Kingdoms of Sicily. Kingdoms in the central Mediterranean between Hyblon and Sextus Pompeius

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A Cura di: Elena Santagati
Anno edizione: 2022
Collana: Antico
Isbn: 978-88-5491-272-4
eIsbn: 978-88-5491-182-6
Materie: Storia
Formato: 14x21
Pagine: 234


Elena Santagati, Preface

Elena Santagati, Models of Kingship and their tradition in Sicilian mythology: an overview    

Elena Santagati, Forms and models of kingship in tyrannical practice: Sicily in the archaic and classical ages 

Claudia Devoto, The Reign of the Strait. An economical domain?   

Helena Catania, The king and the city: royal entrances and visibility in the Hellenistic age     

Luigi Maria Caliò, Theatricality of power and urban landscape in Western Greek cities   

Gian Michele Gerogiannis, The Hellenistic fortifications in Epirus. Among the royal power and logistical needs         

Rodolfo Brancato, From periphery to core: assessing rural settlement system and economy in the reign of Hieron II (southeastern Sicily)

Elena Caliri, Power and the Symbols of Power of Sextus Pompey