Coins of Knossos. Between Archaeology and History

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Autore: Claudia Devoto
Anno edizione: 2022
Collana: Antico
Isbn: 978-88-5491-357-8
eIsbn: 978-88-5491-331-8
Materie: Storia
Formato: 14x21
Pagine: 206
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Piecing up together the data gathered from numismatics, history and archaeology, this book attempts to frame the phenomenon of coin production in the city of Knossos in a wider scenario. Thus, the numismatic research stricto sensu in combined with the rest of the knowledge at our disposal, offering a comprehensive sketch of the dynamics during which - or, sometimes, because of which - the city of Knossos decided to produce its own coins, ranging from the first beginning, up until the Roman conquest of the island of Crete.



1. Excavations and Researches in Knossos. An overview

2. Cretan and Knossian coinage in the history of studies

3. The wider scenario: Cretan coinage

4. Some general (intertwined) issues

VI-IV century BC. Chronology, silver supply, metrology, epigraphic texts

IV-I century BC. Epigraphic texts and coinage (?)

5. The historical framework

VI-I century BC


6. The Coins

1. Some preliminary remarks: Cretan coinage, Knossian coinage

2. The Coins

Period 1. The first coins in Knossos

Period 2. From 350 BC ca. to 250 BC ca.

Period 3. From 221 BC ca. to the end of the II century BC

Period 4. From 100 BC to 67 BC ca.

Some remarks on the production and circulation

Appendix to Chapter 6

Coin hoards containing Knossian coins

Coin hoards found in Knossian territory

Summing the argument up