Hoping for continuity. Childhood, education and death in antiquity and the middle ages

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A cura di: K. Mustakallio, V. Vuolanto, J. Hanska
Anno edizione: 2005
Collana: Acta Instituti Romani Finlandiae, 33
Isbn: 952-5323-09-9
Materie: Storia
Formato: 21,5x27,5
Pagine: 270

The present volume includes essays originally given as papers at two conferences. The first Passages from Antiquity to the Middle Ages was held in Tampere January 2003. The second conference, subtitled Aging, Old Age, and Death, was held in Tampere August 2005. This collection starts with the essays by Beryl Rawson and Didier Lett, which reflect the present state and the future challenges of the study of childhood. The latter part of this volume, starting from the Eva Cantarella's contribution on marriage, consists of thematic studies. They all show an interest in individuals and families in different stages of life seeking to secure continuity, that is, continuity of the family, its material fortune, name, memory, and the continuity of its individual members in the afterlife 

Bibliographical Abbreviations.

In Search of the Passages from Antiquity to the Middle Ages;

Beryl Rawson, The Future of Childhood Studies in Classics and Ancient History, 

Didier Lett, Brothers and Sisters. New Perspectives on Medieval Family History;

Eva Cantarella, Roman Marriage. Social, Economic and Legal Aspects;

Judith Evans Grubbs, Children and Divorce in Roman Law;

Marja-Leena Hänninen, From Womb to Family. Rituals and Social Conventions Connected to Roma Birth;

Véronique Dasen, Blessing or Portent? Multiple Births in Ancient Roma;

Christian Laes, Childbeating in Antiquity: Some Reconsiderations;

Janet Huskinson, Disappearing Children? Children in Roman Funerary Art of the First to the Fourth Century AD;

Maura Lafferty, Augustine, the Aeneid and the Roman Family;

Ville Vuolanto, Children and Asceticism. Strategies of Continuity in the Late Fourth and Early Fifth Centuries;

Nikos Kalogeras, The Role of the Parents and Kin in the Education of Byzantine Children;

Sari Katajala-Peltomaa, Parental Roles in the Cananonisation Processes of Saint Nicola of Tolentino and Saint Thomas Cantilupe;

Jussi Hanska, Education as an Investment. The Childhood of Pietro del Morrone in the Thirteenth Century Abbruzzi;

Susanna Niiranen, Ensenhamen. Educational Ideal and Elite Women in Twelfth and Thirteenth Century Occitania;

Katariina Mustakallio, Roman Funerals: Identity, Gender and Participation;

Maurizio Bettini, Death and its Double. Imagines, Ridiculum and Honos in the Roman Aristocratic Funeral;

Marxiano Melotti, Crossing Worlds: Space, Miths and Rites of Passage in Ancient Greek Culture;

Christian Kuhn, Remembering the Death for the Sake of the Living. Family Values in the Bequests of the Nuremberg Tuchers (1450-1550);

Michael Goodich, The Death of a Saint: a Hagiographical Topos.

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