Il Mar Nero V - 2001/2003

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Anno edizione: 2007
Collana: Il Mar Nero, 5
Isbn: ISSN 1125-3878
Materie: Archeologia, Storia
Formato: 17x24
Pagine: 272


In memoriam. J.P. Morel, En souvenir de Dinu Adameşteanu (1913-2004). Il Mar Nero e il Mediterraneo nell'antichità. M. Treister, Silver Vessels from Soboleva Mogila; H. Meyer, A Collection of Ancient Market Weights from Histria, Callatis and Tomis in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Catalogue with Introductory Essay; D. Dana, Notes onomastiques daco-mésiennes; M. Dana et D. Dana, Histoires locales dans le Pont-Euxin Ouest et Nord. Identité grecque et construction du passé; J. Meischner, Spätantike Wandmalerei im unteren Donauraum; M. Zahariade, The Halmyris Episcopal Basilica and Martyrs’ Crypt; N. Miriţoiu, A.D. Soficaru, Osteobiographical Study of the Human Remains Discovered in the Crypt of Murighiol Basilica. Il mar Nero Bizantino e italiano. A. Madgearu, The place of Crimea and of the Kerch Strait in the Strategy of the Middle Byzantine Empire (7th-12th Centuries); Ş. Marin, Venice and the Loss of Costantinople. The Respresentation of the Events of 1261 in Venetian Chronicles; A. Roccatagliata, La gestione della memoria documentaria di Caffa genovese; Ş. Andreescu, New Genoese Documents Rekating to Carlo Lomellino's Expedition in the Black Sea Area (1434); A. Pippidi, The End of the Florentine Colony in Costantinople.