Il Mar Nero V - 2001/2003

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Anno edizione: 2007
Collana: Il Mar Nero, 5
Isbn: ISSN 1125-3878
Materie: Archeologia, Storia
Formato: 17x24
Pagine: 272


In memoriam. J.P. Morel
En souvenir de Dinu Adameşteanu (1913-2004)

Il Mar Nero e il Mediterraneo nell'antichità.
M. Treister, Silver Vessels from Soboleva Mogila
H. Meyer, A Collection of Ancient Market Weights from Histria, Callatis and Tomis in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford. Catalogue with Introductory Essay
D. Dana, Notes onomastiques daco-mésiennes
M. Dana et D. Dana, Histoires locales dans le Pont-Euxin Ouest et Nord. Identité grecque et construction du passé
J. Meischner, Spätantike Wandmalerei im unteren Donauraum
M. Zahariade, The Halmyris Episcopal Basilica and Martyrs’ Crypt
N. Miriţoiu, A.D. Soficaru, Osteobiographical Study of the Human Remains Discovered in the Crypt of Murighiol Basilica.

Il mar Nero Bizantino e italiano.
A. Madgearu, The place of Crimea and of the Kerch Strait in the Strategy of the Middle Byzantine Empire (7th-12th Centuries)
Ş. Marin, Venice and the Loss of Costantinople. The Respresentation of the Events of 1261 in Venetian Chronicles
A. Roccatagliata, La gestione della memoria documentaria di Caffa genovese
Ş. Andreescu, New Genoese Documents Rekating to Carlo Lomellino's Expedition in the Black Sea Area (1434)
A. Pippidi, The End of the Florentine Colony in Costantinople.