De Amicitia. Friendship and social networks in antiquity and the middle ages

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A cura di: Christian Krötzl, Katariina Mustakallio
Anno edizione: 2010
Collana: Acta Romana Instituti Finlandiae, 36
Isbn: 978-88-7140-442-4; ISSN 0538-2270
Formato: 21,5x27,5
Pagine: 268

 "This volume has been developed from the papers presented in the conference of the University of Tampere in August 2007, De Amicitia: Social Networks and Relationships, Passages from Antiquity to the Middle Ages III, wich examined issues of friendship and social networks from a comparative perspective. This book concentrates on friendship and social networks, religious and secular societies, as well as emotional and rational relations between friends."


K. Mustakallio, C. Krőtzl, Preface

J. Sihvola, Friendship and Sociability in Aristotle
M. Harlow, R. Laurence, De Amicitia: The Role of Age
A.-C. Harders, "Let us join our hearts!" - The Role and Meaning of Constructing Kinship and Friendship in Republican Rome
E.A. Hemelrijk, Women's Participation in Civic Life: Patronage and "Motherhood" of Roman Associations
A.B. Griffith, Amicitia in the Cult of Mithras: The Setting and Social Functions of the Mithraic Cult Meal
A. Semellas, Friendship and Asceticism in the Late Antique East
V. Vuolanto, Early Christian Communities as Family Networks Fertile Virgins and Celibate Fathers
C. Laes, Kinship and Friendship in the Apothegmata Patrum
M.S. Bjornlie, Amicitia in the Epistolary Tradition: The Case of Cassiodorus'Variae
E.-M. Butz, Eternal amicitia? Social and Political Relationships in the Early Medieval libri memoriales
S. Winst, The Infinity of Love. Conceptions of Joint Death in Medieval Literature (Amicus and Amelius vs. Tristan and Isold)
J. Bredley, Fraternal Rivalry and Moral Patronage
M. Tamminen, A Test of Friendship: Amicitia in the Crusade Ideology of the Thirteenth Century
S. Katajala-Peltomaa, Gender, Networks and Collaboration: Pilgrimages in Fourteenth Century Canonization Processes
J.A. Jara Fuente, Compulsory Bonding: Systemic Friends and Clients. Objectifying Inter-Personal Relationship on Fiftheenth-Century Urban Castile.

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