Excavations at Ficana. IV. The republican and imperial periods - The excavation of zona 6B - With the contributions by Ria Berg, Anne-Maria Pennonen and Camilla Cecilie Wenn

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A cura di: L. Pietila-Castrén
Anno edizione: 2012
Collana: Occasional Papers of the Nordic Institutes in Rome, 8
Isbn: 978-952-5323-11-0
Materie: Archeologia
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The Latin village of Ficana, known previously only from literary sources, was identified through archaeological survey as occupying the area of the hill of Monte Cugno, in the region of Acilia. The excavation of Ficana zona 6b, located on the flat plateau on top of this hill, was carried out over the years 1978-1981. The site of zona 6b, located outside the Iron Age agger and to the west of other earlier excavated zones, was chosen in order to study the extension, development, and chronology of the settlement. The structures unearthed included pits, child burials, and a complex variety of long walls, some with angular constructions incorporating ditches or channels. Through diachronic study of the finds, the chronology of zona 6b was divided into four phases spanning the 7th century BC to the 3rd century AD. The main period of construction and site use occurred during the second phase, from the 5th to the 3rd century BC. In addition to common domestic finds, a remarkable amount of dark coarse ware was identified.



CH. I – The Excavation.
The Area of the Pits.
The Area of the Child Burials.
Construction A with Its Surroundings.
Construction B with Its Surroundings.
The Area of the Ashlar Wall.

CH. II – The Finds. Minor Objects.
Terracottas. Stone Objects. Worked Bone. Glass Metals. Pottery
Fine Wares. Greek. Bucchero by Anna-Maria Pennonen.
Genucilia Plates. Fine Creamware. Black Glazed. Terra Sigillata by Ria Berg.
Thin-walled ware. Pottery
Coarse Wares. Coarse Creamware. Dark Coarse Ware (addenda).
Dark Coarse Ware by Camilla Cecilie Wenn.

Appendix – Supplementary Observations on the Dark Coarse Ware by Camilla Cecilie Wen.
Amphorae and Flagons

CH. III – The Chronology.

CH. IV – The Interpretation of the Site.
The Pits.
The Stone Walls.
Construction A.
Construction B.
The Open Area.
The Long Wall.
The Ashlar Wall.
The Child Burials.
The Levelling of the Site.
Production Activities.
Private Life.
Italian summary – Riassunto in italiano.

List of Figures.