Rivista di Studi Fenici L - 2022

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A cura di: Ida Oggiano
Anno edizione: 2022
Rivista: Rivista di Studi Fenici, 50
Isbn: 978-88-5491-372-1; eIsbn: 978-88-5491-389-9
Issn: 0390-3877;
 eIssn: 1724-1855
Materie: Archeologia
Formato: 21x27
Pagine: 280


Ida Oggiano, Fifty Years of the Rivista di Studi Fenici

Sabatino Moscati, Presentation

Nicholas C. Vella, Th Rivista di Studi Fenici at 50

Tatiana Pedrazzi, On Cutural and Material Boundaries: "Fingere l'identità" Ten Years Later

Giuseppe Grabati, "Fingere l'identità" Ten Years on: Phoenicians beyond Identity


Gunnar Lehmann, Golan Shalvi, Harel Shochat, Paula Waiman-Barak, Ayelet Gilboa, Iron Age II Phoenicians Transport-Jars from a South-Levantine Perspective: Typology, Evolution and High-Resolution Dating

Helen Dixon, Placing Them "in Eternity": Symbolic Mummification in Levantine Phoenicia

Giuseppe Minunno, Phoenician Animal Names

Brien Garnand, Formulatic Patterns in Phoenician-Punic Votive Inscriptions: Preliminary Proposals on Epigraphic Structure and Syntax

Stefano Floris, Maria Giulia Amadasi Guzzo, A New Inscribed Stele from the Tophet of Nora. A Note on the Punic Votive Stone Monuments Reused in the Church of Sant'Efisio (Pula, Sardinia)

Octavio Torres Gomariz, Protohistoric Majorca and Minorca on the Punic Outskirts: Approaching Balearic Colonial Dialectic through Domestic Spaces

Clara Toscano-Pérez, The Crisis of the 6th Century BCE in the Southwest of the Iberian Penisula and the Possible Relationship with Malaria Falciparum: The Case of the Tierra Llna ("Flat Land") of Huelva

Bartolomé Mora Serrano, Melquart, Hercules Gaditanus and H íppos of Hadrian Aurei