Termini. Cornerstone of Modern Rome

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Autore: Arthur Weststeijn, Frederick Whitling
Anno edizione: 2017 
Collana: Papers of the Royal Netherlands Institute in Rome, 65
Isbn: 978-88-7140-813-2
Materie: Storia, Architettura
Formato: 21x28
Pagine: 168

Termini. Cornerstone of Modern Rome deals with the fate of one of the oldest and largest tangible remains of ancient Rome: the fourth century BCE city wall, incorporated in the city’s symbol of modernity, the central train station of Termini. Through a “heritageography” of the renowned station, the book tells a history of modern Italy and the classical tradition, exploring the dynamic of the interplay of ancient and modern in the Eternal City in the period 1860–1950.


Introduction: Servio Tullio prende il treno 
Mixing memory and desire: heritageography in Modern 
Rome Confronting the "classical": Roots and regulations 

I - Termini Before Termini 
Walls and Gauls: The area of Termini in antiquity 
Sunlit symbolism: Termini from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century 
Return to the villa: Archaeology and commerce in the Enlightenment 

II - Termini I: From Papal Station to Italian Station 
"Chemin de fer, chemin d'enfer": Building a papal railway 
The expropriation of Villa Massimo 
A Station is born: Excavating the Servian wall 
Focal point of the nation: Destruction and discovery 

III - The Five Hundred and the Lion. Negotiating Terms at Termini 
Remembering a King and five hundreds soldiers: The Dogali monument 
Restaging empire: The archaeological exhibition of 1911 
The obelisk and the lion: The fascist takeover at Termini 

Termini II: Fascist Flanks, Roman Dinosaur 
"The first and last salute from Rome": Debating the future of Termini 
Enter Mazzoni: The modern and the classical 
War: From optimism to opportunism 
Changing façades: the post-war competition and the final design 
The last debate: Terminating Termini 

Conclusion: Servio Tullio perde il treno? 
Heritageography, memory and desire 
Cornered stones, cornerstone 

Index of names 
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