The Epirus of Kings. A Landscape of Power

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Autore: Gian Michele Gerogiannis
Anno edizione: 2022
Collana: Antico
Isbn: 978-88-5491-355-4
eIsbn: 978-88-5491-324-0
Materie: Storia
Formato: 14x21
Pagine: 152
Lingua: Inglese

This work aims to assess the development of Epirus, as a state, in a crucial phase of its history, namely the period between the second half of the 4th and the 3rd centuries BC. Indeed, in this timespan, we witness the rise of Epirus as a unitary state and critical protagonist in the history of the Mediterranean. The growth and unification of this state are visible when observing the territory, with the expansion of the kingdom and the transformation of both the urban landscape - through the foundation of new cities and the monumentalization of existing ones - and the chora, as a consequence of a pervasive militarization. This transformation reflects the action of a strong central power, embodied in the figure of the conquering and building basileus.



1. Geographical framework

2. The development of defence models

From fortifications to the city

The typological analysis of fortifications in Molossia and Athamania

3. The main ethne of Epirus: Chaones, Thesprotes, Molossians




4. Epirus in the fourth century: the historical sources

5. Epirus in the fourth century: epigraphic and numismatic data

6. Towards State Unity

The koinon of the Molossians

The symmachia and the Great Epirus

The koinon of the Epirotes

Final Remarks